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Five String Banjos

Five string banjos make up the majority of our banjo inventory as they are the style most commonly used and played. The brands we carry offer several options for price range and experience level including high-end American made models from Deering or the popular open-back banjo from Washburn. A five string banjo can be easily spotted as you will notice that four of the strings span the full length of the banjo up to the head stock while the top string begins only at the fifth fret, held in place by a friction tuning peg. Typically tuned to Open-G, these instruments are largely played with finger-style technique using either fingerpicks or the fingers themselves. Essential to country and bluegrass music, and great for adding a little flair to your musical repertoire, a five-string banjo could be the perfect next (or first) instrument for you.

To see demos of a small sample of our banjo inventory, feel free to visit our Banjo Demo Video Playlist below. The videos give a closer look at select models we carry and is not a comprehensive list of banjos in stock or available to us.

Five string banjos are available to us from the brands listed below. Typically, we have models from each of these brands in stock as well as the ability to order any product from their lineup at any time. Let us know if there is a particular model from one of these brands that you are interested in and we will provide details on pricing, current stock, or your special order options.