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We take consignments and trades!

If you have an old guitar, amp, or other used gear sitting around that you aren't using, and would like to sell it off without all of the hassle of selling privately, we have some great consignment and trade in options available.

For consignments we charge 25% of the final sale price of the item as our consignment fee. But for this service you get advertising on a variety of online sources including kijiji, our e-mail list, Facebook and our website, as well as your item on display in our showroom. This can really increase the speed with which your item will sell, and may get you more value out of it. We also can offer credit card payment options, more peace of mind for the purchaser, and we can make sure that the guitar is ready for sale through our servicing department.

Consigning with us will save you potentially hours of your life dealing with hagglers online, meet-ups, and other hassles that come with selling privately.

To help save our customers money, while offering better value to those consigning instruments with us, we always offer a 20% discount on accessories purchased along with consignment products. This helps limit haggling on the price, keeps the overall costs lower for the purchaser when they need stands, cables, tuners, cases, etc. for their purchases, and makes sure that we are keeping the sale price as close to your desired sale price as possible.

Trading up has never been better. With our flexible price trade in policy, we will try to offer you up to the full resale value of your trade in when you are trading up in price. Everything is specific deal dependent, so until we know a few things you are looking to trade for, and have seen what you are looking to trade, it's hard to know what will make the most sense. But we work hard to lay out your options clearly, and we will help advise on the best course of action for your situation, whether that's a consignment, a trade, or you selling your item on your own. We will always give a no cost estimate on the value of your potential trade or consignment, and will give you firm trade value options based on the items you are looking to trade towards. This will require the personal attention of James, so be sure to call ahead to book an appointment to be sure he will have time to take care of you.