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  • on orders over $50


We offer consignments and trades!

If you have an old guitar, amp, or other used gear sitting around that you aren't using, and would like to sell it off without all of the hassle of selling privately, we have some great consignment and trade-in options available.

We have 7 different levels of consignment marketing offered based on the price range of your item and where you would like us to market it. Depending on the items in question you will get 50-80% of the items sale price (with the percentage determined by where we advertise, and the level of work that we are putting into the product marketing). We advertise on a variety of social media platform and online marketplaces including Facebook, Reverb, Instagram, our own online store, and more. We ship items almost anywhere in the world with safe packaging, and the experience and competitive freight costs to really help move your item quickly. Our consignment items regularly sell through our online platforms to all corners of the globe. Marketing your products to a broader audience is the best way to get your best value out of the items in a timely fashion. 

If your item needs minor repairs, cleaning, setups, etc. We can also do the work on this up front for you and deduct the costs from your payout. This saves you the up-front costs and makes it a much easier sell for higher value than selling something still needing work done.

Consigning with us will potentially save you many hours of your life. Instead of  dealing with hagglers online, scheduling meet-ups, taking payments, dealing with shipping and other hassles that come with selling privately, bring it to us to take care of everything for you.

Trading up has never been better. With our flexible-price trade in policy, we will try to offer you up to the full resale value of your trade-in when you are trading up in price. Everything is deal dependent, so until we know a few things you are looking to trade for, and have seen what you are looking to trade, it's hard to know what will make the most sense. But we work hard to lay out your options clearly, and we will help advise on the best course of action for your situation, whether that's a consignment, a trade, or you selling your item on your own. We will always give a no cost estimate on the value of your potential trade or consignment, and will give you firm trade value options based on the items you are looking to trade towards. This will require the personal attention of James, so be sure to call ahead to book an appointment to be sure that he will have time to take care of you when you come in.