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Classical Guitar Lessons

   Classical Guitar is a fairly broad term in a lot of ways. What we mean by 'Classical Guitar Lessons' is a style of learning and playing the guitar with a focus on reading sheet music in standard notation as well as playing the guitar using a variety of fingerstyle techniques. Through this course of your learning process, you will be playing a variety of pieces that are from the classical, romantic, baroque, renaissance, and other historical European based periods, as well as modern songs written in those styles. Usually this would involve going through a classical music program such as the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), or other related programs.

   Learning through the classical approach will give you a fairly broad understanding of music since much of the modern rock, pop, folk, etc has its origins in the classical tradition. The techniques used for classical guitar do translate well to acoustic and electric guitar playing as well, with economy of motion, proper posture, and practical techniques being stressed quite highly. The music theory behind it also underpins much of the music we listen to, so regardless of your tastes in music, you will benefit from learning the classical guitar.
   It is recommended that you have an actual nylon string classical guitar to use, but it is not mandatory, as the electric and acoustic guitars will still allow you to learn the same technique and theory.

   If you are unsure what style of music you should learn, or who would be the best instructor for your particular goals, please call or stop by the store and we can ask the right questions to find out what style, and which instructor will be a good fit for you.

Classical Guitar Instructors

James Turner

Cole Gereghty

Theodore Turner

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