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Brett Cole

Brett Cole has been playing drums for 11 years and has been gaining teaching experience since 2016. He is a diverse drummer and has been involved in a variety of musical projects including rock bands, jazz bands, and many more. Brett has only been teaching since 2016 so he has yet to gain a lot of experience, but has an end goal to keep the students focused and engaged while keeping them learning and having fun doing it.

The ideal students for Brett are students that want to learn how to play basic songs and have a great interest in drumming and music. Brett's teaching styles are rooted in the basics of drumming including Rudiments, basic song patterns including, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Country. Once the students are making progress, he will go in depth and go step by step into more complex songs and give them a basic understanding of the theory that goes along with it if they are interested.

Brett plays percussion at the Second Cup Open Mic and hopes that his students will be able to see him perform to get a better understanding and appreciation for percussion.

Instruments he teaches - Click on image for more information: