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Bass Guitars

Featuring both acoustic and electric instruments, the bass guitar selection at Turner Guitar is certainly worth checking out. Notable brands like Warwick, Hofner and Breedlove can be found in our stock, as well as many others. Be sure to drop by if you want an instrument with low tones and high quality.

James from Turner Guitar does a short demo of the Beluga II Bass, built with a 6-way rotary selector switch w/ coil tapped humbuckers, 4 band EQ, Hagstrom's Resonator wood fingerboard, and many more features.

James from Turner Guitar does a short demo video of a Breedlove Studio BJ350-SME4 acoustic bass. It's a stunning instrument offering a wide range of flexibility for bass players who wont want to be tied to an amp, or who want something a little different for their recordings or performances.

James from Turner Guitar does a demo of the Warwick Rockbass Corvette $$ bass guitar. Built with a Swamp Ash wood body, 2 large magnet coil-tapped humbuckers, Warwick strap locks, the Just-a-Nut III, a 3D two piece Warwick bridge and much more, it's totally worth checking out.

James from Turner Guitar does a short demo of the Hofner Shorty travel bass. It's equipped with a single humbucker pick-up, a volume and tone control and has a short scale neck for extra portability. The bass isn't overly versatile tonally, but it makes up for it by being extremely portable so you can always have a great, playable bass no matter where life takes you.