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Banjo Lessons

   The 5-string banjo is the heart of many bluegrass, folk, and country bands. With it’s unique punchy twang, and open tuning style, it lends itself well to the fast fingerpicking it is known for. To play the banjo well requires a very careful development of your fundamental skills, as poor technique can really limit your ability to play many styles of music, and can make it difficult to reach the speeds necessary for most banjo playing. Having a thoughtful instructor to guide you through the learning process will be a big advantage.

   We have 3 instructors available with experience playing and teaching banjo. While none of them are primarily banjo players, they all have years of experience as music instructors and can help beginners get started, or help someone who's already a player develop new techniques, expand their skills or gain more practical knowledge of the instrument. Whether this is to start songwriting, performing, recording, or just learning a specific song, our banjo instructors can help!

Banjo Instructor

James Turner

Brett Cole

                    Theodore Turner

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