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Arlyn Manzo

Arlyn Manzo holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and has over a decade of experience teaching piano and voice in private lessons and groups from ages 6 and up.

Her process of teaching music involves listening, singing, playing, and improvising, which parallels the development of learning a native language.  This helps her students learn piano and voice in an enjoyable way and make progress confidently and gradually.  

Arlyn performs for concerts, weddings, and church services as a piano accompanist, often for vocalists, instrumentalists, and choirs as well as duos, trios, and other chamber ensembles. She accompanies musicians in everything from music festivals to private events. 

She believes that music is not simply a natural ability or something that you have to be “born” with, rather, she believes it can be learned with the addition of hard work and dedication.

Arlyn charges $30.00 per 30 minute lesson for both Piano and Voice. 

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