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Acoustic Guitar

   Our business has always had a strong focus on the acoustic guitar, which is why we have the largest selection of them in the Edmonton area. This is also why we have a very strong focus on it with our guitar instructors. From simple strumming and chording, to advanced fingerstyle, and everything between, we have an instructor who can teach it to you in a one on one environment.

   The lessons will be tailored to your particular musical interests, learning style and capabilities to ensure that you will progress in a practical way toward your goals. With how versatile the acoustic guitar can be both musically and in its ability to be played almost anywhere, it’s easy to see why we love it so much, and we think you will love it too.

   With 5 guitar instructors available with acoustic guitar teaching experience, there's sure to be someone to suit your musical styles, goals, and schedule. Please call or visit us in store to chat about your goals, interests, and prior experience, so that we can be sure to pair you with an instructor that will work best for you.

Acoustic Guitar Instructors

James Turner

Graham Strach

heodore Turner

Nick Lai

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